four christmasesWe watched the movie Four Christmases ( yesterday and this will be my first movie review in the Comedy genre.

This was a good flick if you are looking for a decent comedy. It was very slap-tastic at points but humorous and a well thought-out plot. It was quick moving as to not bore me like so many other movies do that don’t have enough good content.

The story is simple. A couple visits their four sets (each parent is divorced) of families for Christmas. I didn’t get a chance to watch the movie straight through so I’m sure I missed some good parts however I did get to see much of the film and I liked what I saw.

The characters all were very believable and funny. In particular I remember the scene when Vince Vaughn’s character was introducing his father’s side of the family to Resse Witherspoon’s character for the first time. The brothers were named Dallas, Denver and Vince was Orlando. They were all named after the cities that they were conceived-in! Also, Dallas and Denver were like amateur UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighters or something. There were the totally stereotypical ‘meatheads’ and were constantly antagonizing each other.

The cast of characters was impressive and two of my other favorite actors, Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek, played outstanding roles. Overall this was a fun movie to watch on a lazy day after Thanksgiving.