“Takers”-2010I’m going to start a new section of my blog dedicated to my personal movie reviews and today I would like to start with the fast action, shoot-‘em-up movie, “Takers (2010)”. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1135084/

I couldn’t tell you much about the plot itself because I quickly didn’t care.  Not really, I guess it wasn’t that bad all-things-considered but I just don’t care for testosterone-driven, mindless drivel in my movie plots.  This movie wasn’t that bad, honestly, but thankfully I was expecting anything noteworthy to enter my brain for long-term retention while watching this flick so I quickly moved any temporary immediate memories to the Kevin Neal mental junkyard never to be heard from again.

It was full of rough looking dudes, with guns, hardcode music and lots of violence.  It reminded me of a mix between the movie Heat (with armored car heist), Miami Vice (rolling through the streets at night in fancy cars), Scarface (go-out with guns-a blazing) and a few other macho films over the years.

I liked that the movie “was what it was” and it didn’t pretend to be anything other than cheesy.  All-in-all not a bad investment in 1 ½ hours of your life to be mindlessly entertained if you are so inclined.  Also, the influence of all the manly movies I mentioned above was so strong that it nearly felt like I got to see 10 movies for the price of one.

As this is my first movie review I’m going to start my rating system by rating on a scale from 1 to 10.  For this reason it will allow me more flexibility to give a movie the proper rating on a wider scale.  Therefore, I can use full integers instead of fractions (even though algebra was one of my favorite classes in school).